At Antica Osteria Corte Calcina we are very proud of being able to bring simple, genuine and handmade products to the table. We like to create our dishes from scratch, knead and work the ingredients to create the products that you will then find on your table.

This is the case, for example, of bread, but also of pasta: from gnocchi to tagliatelle, everything is prepared by the skilled hands of our chef to offer you an experience that is as authentic and familiar as possible.

Even our desserts are prepared by hand every day. The freshness of the ingredients is essential for the preparation, and in our restaurant we want to bring only the best to the table.

Always using fresh products allows us to create authentic seasonal menus that are always different, which vary from month to month and from season to season, following the natural production cycle of our territory. It is a way to take full advantage of the great variety of ingredients that nature offers us and to continuously vary our culinary offer, offering you an ever new choice.

Each dish we offer is unique in its preparation and choice of ingredients, made with the care and passion for the culinary art that distinguishes us.

Il Gran Menù “Antica Osteria”

Polenta with mushrooms, salami and gorgonzola

Gnocchi with truffle and Monte cheese

Tagliata of Entrecote steak balsamic vinegar souce and parmesan

House’s parfait


€ 34,00  p.p.

The tasting menus are served for a minimum of 2 people.
Cover charge included, drinks excluded

Kids menu

First Courses

Macaroni with bolognese sauce
8,00 €

Macaroni with tomato-sauce
8,00 €

Second Courses

Chicken cutlet
10,00 €

Grilled beef steak with French fries or baked potatoes